Chad M. Rohrbacher


North Carolina A&T State University

1601 East Market Street

108 Hines Hall

Greensboro, NC 27411



M.F.A. in English, Louisiana State University, 1998. Cum Laude.

B.F.A. in English, Bowling Green State University, 1994. Cum Laude.



Presently an Assistant Professor of University Studies, NCA&T State University.


Courses Taught

American Culture Studies 200

Arts and Sciences 250 Honors Great Ideas

English 111 / Sociology 101, combined, interdisciplinary course developed with support

from an Arts and Sciences Dean’s General Education Course Enhancement Grant.

English 111 Composition Expository Writing.

English 111r Expository Writing in the Chapman Community *.

English 1000 Developmental English.

English 112 Argument Analysis and Research Writing.

English 112H Media Analysis for the honors program.

English 200 Writing Across the Curriculum.

English 207 Intermediate Writing.

English 2007 Introduction to Poetry Writing.                                                       

English 2009 Introduction to Screenplay Writing.

English 202 Introduction to Literature of Nature Survey.

English 202 Introduction to Literature of Society.

English 2025 Introduction to Fiction Survey.

English 2123 Special Topics in Literature, Violence in Literature.

Honors 400H Special Seminar Historical Film, Adaptation, & Screenwriting.

UNST 120 Contemporary World, 150 seat lecture course

UNST 110 Critical Writing interdisciplinary critical thinking and writing course

UNST 103 Basic Writing

UNST 221 Thematic Writing and Speaking: Technology and Society

UNST 238 Screenwriting History developed for Fall 2009

Liberal Studies 302 Media Analysis developed for Fall 2009


*The Chapman Community is a residential academic program that houses multiple faculty members from a variety of departments and focuses on a strong commitment to individual students. 



             UNST 103 Basic Writing Course Coordinator Spring 2008-present:

·         Facilitate major course assessments and reports findings back to administration

·         Coordinate course curriculum to ensure course content meets objectives of the program

·         Organize the development, oversight, and implementation of team’s core curriculum

·         Meet with faculty, administration, and curriculum committees to formulate course objectives and develop course content related to program goals

·         Acts as a liaison between students, faculty, staff, and administration, and as such ensures the flow of communication between involved parties

·         Help facilitate the collaborative development of evaluation tools to assess student achievement of course objectives

·         Assume human resources responsibilities such as the recruiting, hiring, and training of faculty and teaching assistants; the administration of financial/budgetary issues such as salary and stipends; and other personnel issues.

·         Mediates issues between the faculty and students in the respective foundation course

·         Manages performance of team members and ensures quality instruction (evaluation) 

110 Rubric Development Committee, Assisted in the development and revision of critical writing rubrics that would be used division wide, Fall 2008-present.

110 Curriculum Committee assisted in the redesign and development of critical writing,

Fall 2007-present

120 Curriculum Committee assisted in the redesign and development of contemporary

World, Spring 2008

Technology committee 110, explored ways to more fully integrate technology in

innovative ways to enhance student learning Fall 2007-present

Academic Affairs Committee Liberal Studies, assisted in the redesign and development of

            Liberal Studies Fall 2007-present

TA Training, developed and facilitated training for TAs in UNST Contemporary World to

assess student writing assignments. Spring 2008.

Co-Chair Chancellor’s Installation Writing Contest, advertised the contest, collected and evaluated essays, and coordinated outside reviewers, Spring 2008.

Co-chair Critical Writing Hiring Committee, reviewed, assessed, and assisted in hiring process, Spring 2008.

Program Reviewer for the Ohio Board of Regents. I evaluated 4 separate programs to

determine if they were meeting Ohio’s general education requirements Summer 2008.

UNST Awards Committee, member assisted in the planning ceremony to honor university

studies’ students Spring 2008

UNST Library Funds Committee, Chair received a $10,000 stipend to develop library

resources that would enhance university studies mission and goals, Fall 2007

Brown Bag Co-chair -- lunch series for liberal studies and university studies faculty

featuring presentations professional development specifically related to the UNST

mission Fall 2007- Spring 2008.

Curriculum Committee, develop and coordinate interdisciplinary curriculum with the

Chapman Community.  Fall 2001-2006.

Instructional Media Committee, Chair, developed video and technology policies, assisted

in establishing workshops for faculty and students on technology and how it can enhance education. Developed and presented information session on Blackboard for students and faculty. Fall 2001-2006.

BGSU Academic Honesty Committee, member. Fall 2003 – Fall 2005.

General Studies Writing Instructor Representative, elected position which makes

recommendations and /or policies on wide variety of issues including: course objectives and curricular elements of 110,111,112; methods for instructor evaluations and GSW assessment; textbook selection; action on complaints; etc Fall 2001- Spring 2002.


Related Experience

United Christian Fellowship, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, a non-profit, non-

denominational organization that supports education and advocacy of social justice issues in the Wood County area. Summer 2006-Fall 2007.

Reach Out, Faculty Advisor, advice BGSU students committed to social justice issues. Fall


Coordinator of Learning Exchanges Chapman Learning Community, developed

interdisciplinary materials for Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Popular Culture, and

English. Fall 2001-Fall 2006.

Faculty Advisor, Chapman Tsunami relief Group. Spring 2005.

Coordinator of Student Blogging Project, mentored and evaluated students in blogging,

on-line journaling on contemporary issues, and developing an on-line community. Fall 2004-Spring 2005.

Guest Speaker, McDonald Hall Floor Program for Ashley Smith, RA. “Writing for

College”.  Spring 2005.

Guest Speaker, co-presenter with Jay Jones in a GSW brown bag for GSW faculty on

collaboration and unit development. Fall 2003.

Guest Speaker, English 602, to assist current TA’s in general composition or classroom

questions.  Spring 2003 Spring 2004, Spring 2005.




I have participated in over twelve faculty development workshops and two faculty development courses while instructing at Bowling Green State University, Louisiana State University, and Francis Marion University.  Most recently:


Lilly South Conference on College and University Teaching. University of North

Carolina, Greensboro, NC. February 2009.

Lilly South Conference on College and University Teaching. University of North

Carolina, Greensboro, NC. February 2008.

North Carolina State Undergraduate Assessment Symposium April 2008

Center for Teaching & Learning workshop on assessment Spring 2008

Center for Teaching & Learning workshop on transformative education Fall 2007

Grant Development Fall 2007

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative began IRB training Spring 2008



“Building It Write: Designing Effective Writing Assignments and Evaluation Tools for Non-

Writing Teachers” Beth Kaufka and Chad Rohrbacher, Lilly South, Greensboro NC February 2009.

“6th Annual NC State Undergraduate Assessment Symposium,” Cary, NC, April 25-27, 2008.

“Visuals in the Critical Writing Class: You Use Reservoir Dogs How?” Lilly South,

Greensboro NC February 2008.

“Effective Interventions for Student Mental Health On-Campus: Collaborations &

Community,” NASPA, Providence, RI, January 6-8 2005.

“Experiential Learning: Writing, Sociology, and Community Involvement,” 22nd Annual

Lilly Conference on College Teaching at Miami University, Ohio,

November 21-24, 2002.

“Experiential Learning: Writing, Sociology, and Community Involvement,” 6th Annual

Living and Learning Programs Conference at Ohio State University,

November 16-18, 2002



Page Awards 2008, Quarterfinalist 2008

International Screenwriting Awards, Quarterfinalist, 2008

20/20 Screenplay Contest, finalist, 2008.

Chapman Community Master Teacher, 2005-2006.

Student Nominated, BGSU Distinguished Instructor Award, finalist, 2005-2006.

BGSU Faculty Development Speed Grant, $350.00 for the NASPA Student Mental Health

Conference, January 2005.

Ohio Arts Council Poetry Fellowship, $5,000 2002.

General Education Course Enhancement Program Grant, Arts & Sciences, $4,000

Spring 2002.

ITS Technology Grant, to purchase DV equipment for student use, Fall 2001.

BGSU Foundation Grant, to attend workshops in digital media, Fall 2001.

CLC Grant, to establish and direct study tables at Chapman Learning Community, Fall 2001

Nicholl’s Fellowship, semi-finalist, Fall 1999, 2000, and 2001.

Chesterfield Competition, semi-finalist, Fall 1998 and 1999.

Louisiana Division of the Arts Grant for Screenwriting, Fall 1998.

The Tony Bill Award for Screenwriting, Spring 1997.

The Louise Gluck Award for Poetry, Spring 1996.





I have published numerous poems in the following national journals and magazines: Epicenter, Subterrain, New York Quarterly, Spillway, Dream International Quarterly, and California Quarterly Red River Review; Amelia; Spillway; Slipstream; Defined Providence; Spout; Faultline; Sunstone; Key Satch(el); Comstock Poetry Review; Cold Mountain Review; The Exquisite Corpse; Zugernat; Bottomfish; Poetry Motel; Innisfree; Riverking; Skanolan; Malcontent; Lucidity; CPU Review; Potpourri, Blue Collar Review and others.  A list of titles and publication dates is available upon request.



“Anathema Confession,” Synergism, an anthology of collaborative poems. Spring 1993.


Plays & Screenplays

“Oscar Steele,” full-length screenplay.  Completed 2007.

“Karma Backlash,” full-length screenplay. Completed 2004.

“Thank God for Perverts,” film short. Completed 2001.

“Sugar Busters, a love poem” (video short) written, directed, and independently produced.  Premier August 28, 1999, at the Baton Rouge Art Gallery.

“The Maker’s Maids,” (full-length) revision requested by Praxis Entertainment,

semi-finalist Nichols fellowship 1999, 2000, 2001. Completed Fall 1999.

“Plasma for Ray,” (full-length) semi-finalist, Chesterfield Competition, Spring 1999, 2000.

            Completed Fall 1998.    

“Fubar,” (full-length) won the Tony Bill Award for Screenwriting, Spring 1997. Completed

Fall 1997.


Snow Island Review, a student run literary and art journal. Advisor, Fall 1999-Fall 2000.

* New Delta Review, a national literary and art journal. Poetry Editor, 1996-1998.

New Delta Review, Poetry Staff, 1995-1996.

* The Open Road, a statewide quarterly magazine/newsletter for the Louisiana Independent Auto Dealers Association. Editor, 1994-1995.

Hot Wheels, a monthly newsletter for the Louisiana Independent Auto Dealers Association.

Editor, 1994-1995.

* Fandango, a local literary and art journal. Founder & Editor, 1994-1995.

Mid-American Review, an international literary journal. Associate Editor, 1993-1994.

* Anathema Review, a national literary and art journal.  Co-founder and Editor, 1992-1994.

* Prairie Margins, BGSU’s undergraduate literary and art journal. Editor, 1991-1992.

Prairie Margins, Poetry Editor and Poetry Staff, 1990-1991.


* Editorial responsibilities included, but are not limited to: selection of manuscripts, management of staff (3-12 people), solicitation of work from writers, correspondence with contributors, proofreading galleys and page proofs, layout and design (PageMaker), and writing articles, interviews, and book reviews.




Available Upon Request

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