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Love Poem #1

-           for Melanie


And who does not want that aftertaste

of mystery on their tongue?  I’ve listened to the stomach

grumble for something sweet

something like the sugar cane leaf which will make gums bleed,

for what food can be more mysterious than blood?

I don’t care whose it is.  Red and sticky between fingers,

thick on the lips.  Hemoglobin.

I’ve got the veins of cows and fish muscles and hog-skin

making rounds in my body.

I’ve got chewed tongue, thousands of taste buds exploding

onto more taste buds.  Imagine: all those tiny ellipses bunched up

like seconds and they’re all working away at the experience,

savoring the moment so to speak.  Every dinner: a resonance of taste--

something tender--something rare. 


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